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Welcome to all those who have experienced the fascinating attraction of the Mooniverse and alas the depressing disillusionment of its insidiously idealized but poor reality, while sincerely searching for a better world!

Welcome also to all those who were born and grew up inside this confined Mooniverse, and who are now yearning for new horizons...

For better and worse, we have in common to have lived within a strange high demanding parallel universe in which obedient loyal souls are subtly reduced, by a constant pressure they can’t notice anymore, to the mere use which is made of them.

It took me a while to realize that idealistic loyal souls can so easily be trapped within corrupt organizations claiming to detain the monopoly of God...And only then was I finally able to admit that I made a real poor choice in joining the deceitfully idealized Unification Movement.

Fortunately, as humans, we can always find in ourselves the needed strength, intelligence and love to exit "from the top" from the unfortunate ruts which hold us in bondage!

God knows so well our hearts and tirelessly keeps us within His embrace...!

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I needed to start this blog “Beyond the Mooniverse”, to express what went through my mind and heart during my laborious process of leaving the Mooniverse and its sectarian idolatry of the Moon family.

This has been my therapy. To appreciate the good and forget the rest. To look at things with distance, from an unusual angle, and sometimes with a bit of humor, feeling free to call a cat a cat, and finally, with gratitude leave the past behind...

So I started in 2012 to write in French the " Poetry from a heretic” while reflecting upon my initiatory odyssey within the Mooniverse.

From 2015, I continued to write articles in English, expressing sometimes with a controlled and salutary hint of relevant "impertinence", what I had learned from both good examples, but also from many examples to the contrary who crossed my path.

                          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I invite therefore all readers who wish so, to analyze and comment this blog which concerns firstly:

-those who have discovered the limits of the Mooniverse, and want to move beyond it and follow their conscience...

-those who feel ready - or enough charitable - to consider not only "heretical" but potentially contagious opinions...

-those who have realized that God is far greater than all the churches together, and that no human detains the monopoly of Love, the monopoly of Truth... nor of course the monopoly of Heaven’s inexhaustible blessings…

This blog is not intended to create controversy. It's definitely not intended for those who flourish and feel good, within the Mooniverse.

All comments are encouraged and welcome, directly on this blog at the end of each section, or at: mercilavix@gmail.com

Each of the 19 poems written in French in this blog comprise 5 quatrains.

Lines are composed of Alexandrines (12 syllables), which have the particularity to rhyme both with the 6th and at the12th syllables of the next line, for the sake of musicality.


                              « J’élève avec amour mes pensées très éparses                                                                   Doté plutôt d’humour que d’un don la farce »

"I wish you a pleasant reading, both inspiring and liberating"

Articles are mostly illustrated with free available pictures from Pixabay.com


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