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Beyond the mooniverse



Many so-called messiahs are pretending to be the chosen ones without actually meeting the basic requirements. How then can one spot the genuine ones?

Here are 10 significant criteria that should be expected to be met by exemplary selfless messiahs:

1-They never ask to be worshipped

2- They don’t teach that all humans - except themselves- are cursed with original sin

3-They strictly give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar without hiding money in tax havens

4-They don’t ask for statues or temples to be erected to their own glory

5-They never claim the special privilege to practice providential adultery

6-They don’t teach superstitious concepts such as redeeming holy wine or paid salvation

7-They never use fear nor guilt to endlessly extract more money from their followers

8- They don’t keep demanding absolute obedience from others in trying to control them

9-They always emphasize that Love prevails over sacrifice and indemnity conditions 

10-They never resort to bribing prominent leaders in society to pretend being associated with them.

Jesus would positively reach the total score of 10/10, while Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han would absolutely score 0/10.

 Of course many people -including my caring wife who is indeed a decent generous person- can also reach the perfect score without ever pretending to be messiahs.

Such basic survey however might be helpful to clearly expose remarkable religious charlatans such as Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han.  

For many are called but few are chosen…

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